Wanted: One Talented, Ambitious Affiliate/JV Manager To Join Our Team

If you are a high performing Affiliate/JV Manager who cares about people having healthy and happy relationships, loves selling and knows how to drive results through affiliate marketing, I’ve got a unique opportunity for you with a fast growing publishing company...

Our company, TheArtOfLove.com is a rapidly growing training and education company in the relationship space. 

We partner with leading brands like RisingWoman.com, Kenneth Play, and more and are currently growing by ~300% per year.  

We are on a mission to help couples fight less, love more and create more fulfilling relationships.   

This role is part affiliate manager, part marketer, and part salesperson… whose objective is to scale our offers with partnerships.

If that sounds interesting, here’s exactly who we are looking for.  

About You

  • You love talking with new people, making new connections and creating win/win partnerships.  
  • You can close.  Not only do you like talking with people, but you know how to handle objections and get deals across the finish line.  
  • You drive results.  You have experience growing businesses through partnerships and affiliate marketing.  
  • You know how to approach cold leads, assess right fit, and turn them into partners.  
  • You’ve managed marketing campaigns before and pay attention to small details to make it as easy as possible for our partners to achieve big wins.
  • You have experience using a CRM software for keeping in touch with prospects and clients.  
  • You are passionate and care about people having higher quality relationships and love lives.  

BONUS: If you’ve done this before or already have existing connections.

About The Role

You’ll be responsible for growing the affiliate marketing division of the business.  

We have a suite of products that are proven to scale on cold traffic and are primed for the right partnerships to help promote them.  

Our products are some of the best in the space.  The quality of production and quantity of results makes them fairly easy to sell.  

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Creating campaigns to connect with potential partners.  
  • Building relationships with influencers in our industry
  • Creating win/win partnerships to promote our products 
  • Managing short term promotions and setting up long term, ongoing profitable campaigns
  • Tracking results
  • And building the necessary documents, marketing materials and campaigns to scale this division

About The Perks

There are a lot of perks to working with us.  A few of them include:  

  • Work From Anywhere -  No office.  No structured work week.  As long as you’ve got a laptop and are getting results, you have the freedom to work anywhere in the world.
  • Do Work That Matters - We are a training and education company that is literally helping millions of people every year have higher quality relationships.  
  • Competitive Compensation - Competitive Compensation plus you get bonuses based on the result you drive.  You get control over your income.  
  • Constant Education & Training - Our staff is constantly growing, learning and evolving through workshops, courses and training.  You’ll learn about scaling a business, direct response marketing, leading people and a whole lot more.
  • Join A High Growth Bootstrapped Startup - We’re growing at 300% year to year right now.  Join a fast paced, rapidly growing business that is dynamic, exciting and challenging. 

About The Company

The Art Of Love is a profitable, bootstrapped startup growing at 300% year to year.

We’ve achieved this rapid acceleration by having a very clear philosophy on how we work.

It’s not for everyone.  

But if you value freedom, driving results and doing work you love… you will thrive here.  

Here are a few of our philosophies on how we work:

Aligning With Genius

Each of us has a unique genius.  Something we naturally do. Unconsciously.  It’s our innate wiring.  

When we do these activities, we are happy, productive and we naturally desire to challenge ourselves to achieve more.  
We believe in aligning your role with your natural genius.  
This gives you the opportunity to express your natural gifts into the world in a way you love.  

When we get this right, everything else becomes easier, more productive and more fulfilling.  

But operating in your genius comes with a new layer of responsibility… 

Autonomy Over Management

Autonomy is the right to self governance.  It’s freedom to choose.  

We place a high value on internal motivation and self management over unnecessary layers of management.  

The government that governs best, governs least. 

We choose to create a culture of intrinsically driven high performers. 

Where we get the right people, in the right roles…  and we give each other the freedom to excel in our natural gifts.  This requires a high level of self awareness, discipline and communication skills.  

Increased freedom leads to increased responsibility.  Which is why it is critical that we are highly selective with who joins our team. 

Steadiness Over Chaos. 

We are a startup. We are scrappy.  But that doesn’t mean we constantly need to be operating from a state of chaos.  

Too often, the normal business requires long days, working weekends and constantly living in a state of stress.  

Instead, we choose the opposite.  We choose to make steady progress day in and day out.   Without ‘red lining’ it.   
We prioritize proper planning and focus on the activities that drive the biggest results. 
There will be times when we have to hustle.  This is inevitable.  But those times are the exception, and not the rule.  This leads to long term happiness and fulfillment for everyone.

“Doing The Work” Over Goals & Results 

In our team, we do the work because we love to do the work.  The work itself is the motivation.  

To be clear, this is NOT an excuse for not performing or achieving results.  Outcomes, goals and results are necessary.  The business must grow and continue to be profitable. Period.  

And… valuing “results” over “doing quality work” will lead to short term decisions.

We are playing this game for the long term.  We don’t take shortcuts.  
We play long term games with long term people.  And that requires us doing work we enjoy right now.  

Profitability Over Vanity Metrics

We do not allow ourselves to be distracted by “vanity metrics.”   

Instagram followers. Topline revenue. Number of employees.  Website traffic.  

All these metrics sound cool.  

But often, they don’t matter. 

We are in this game for our own growth, evolution and enjoyment.  That is why we do not allow ourselves to be distracted by these vanity metrics.  

We continue to focus our activities on the projects and activities that drive the biggest results.  

Consistently optimizing the business to serve more customers and become more profitable by doing work that matters for us and for the world.  

Our Values

  • Lead With Love
  • Show, Then Tell
  • Stay Scrappy
  • Speak Truth
  • Play Full Out


So there you have it…   That is everything about the role, the company and our philosophy on how we work. 

If you like what you see, please fill out this application.

Share your resume, if you have one.  

Tell me about your past roles you’ve had, what you’ve accomplished in them and why this opportunity is uniquely interesting to you.  

If it’s a good fit, we’ll share next steps with you. 

With Love,

Andrew Drish

Founder, The Art Of Love

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