Wanted: One Rockstar Partnership Manager To Help Our Business Scale

If you are a high performing Partnership Manager who loves selling products you believe in, connecting with amazing people and scaling products through partnerships, I’ve got a unique opportunity for you…We are a publishing company working with thought leaders in the relationship space. We work with teachers like RisingWoman.com, Kenneth Play, Annie Lalla, Jon and Missy Butcher and more.  We are on a mission to help couples fight less, love more and create more fulfilling relationships.  I’m looking for someone to be our “Partnership Manager” to help our business scale rapidly through joint ventures.  This role is part partnership manager, part marketer, and part creative-problem-solving-superhero.If that sounds interesting, here’s exactly who we are looking for.  About You:

  • You love talking with new people, making new connections and creating opportunities where everyone wins.
  • You can close.  Not only do you like talking with people, but you know how to handle objections and get deals across the finish line.  
  • You have grown other businesses through partnerships and affiliate marketing.
  • You know how to approach people cold and turn them into partners.  
  • You’ve managed marketing campaigns before and know how to make it as easy as possible for our partners to achieve big wins.
  • You have experience managing big launches with multiple partners.
  • You have a system for keeping in touch with prospects and clients.  
  • You’re good at covering details to make sure partners have everything they need when it’s time to do a promotion.  
  • You are passionate about love and relationships.  

If that sounds like you and you want to learn more, please send me an email.   Share your resume, if you have one.  Tell me about your past roles you’ve had, what you’ve accomplished in them and why this opportunity is uniquely interesting to you.  If it’s a good fit, we’ll schedule some time to chat. With love,

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